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#1 Story Listener

I have a friend who is a gifted story teller. Her stories are often funny and always to be learned from. I once told her I wished I could tell stories like her. She paused, looked at me with that penetrating gaze and slight grin and said, "you are a great story listener - don't diminish the gift God is giving you."

I've learned since then that we all have stories to tell, or questions to ask, or notions to ponder - all of which are opportunities for prayer. Often our stories are fleeting like the bubbles my grandchildren blow and chase in the backyard. Yet, like bubbles, our stories - no matter how fleeting - rise anyway and more often than not capture light, offer new prisms of color, and make us smile.

I am a story listener, and I've yearned for a space to listen. Hence, Dear Life: the conversation is born. I may not get to respond to every question or thought or comment submitted, but I can promise I will listen to them all.

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